Scratches and Etched Graffiti


Construction glass


In construction most scratches occur when the brick dust, labels or paint is being cleaned or removed from glass or any sharp objects are lent or brushed up against glass.  Grind splatter is also common in construction where materials are being cut in close proximity to the glass, the sparks and metal shards from the angle grinder em-bed into the surface of the glass.  These types of damage can be repaired quickly, safely and for much less than the cost of fitting replacement units.  Our services provide solutions to projects on tight deadlines that may otherwise experience lengthy lead times for replacement glass units to be manufactured, processed and delivered to site.  What's more, unlike replacing window units, no additional after trades are required, the service restores and renews the glass to its original condition leaving you with a pane looking as good as new without the cost and inconvenience of replacing the glass.


Etched Graffiti on glass


Etched Graffiti has been a problem for many years in the UK.  Etching is a form of graffiti where an object is used to scratch graffiti into glass.  Unlike graffiti with paints and markers, etching cannot be cleaned off.  It results in a permanent mark on the glass.  Acid etching is a form of graffiti that has started to show up in recent years.  It is graffiti that is marked on glass with an acid.  It will burn into the glass over a short period of time.  We are able to remove all unsightly graffiti off your glass and also protect it from further damage, it is crucial to remove graffiti immediately as graffiti attracts graffiti.  The longer etchings remain, the more they invite other vandals tags.


Our glass experts are dedicated to completing your project (large or small) with quality results.


Did you know?


Flat glass in the UK and annual domestic production in 2010 was approximately 1.3 million tonnes, for every 1 tonne of glass produced there is 185 kg of CO2 produced, this equates to approximately 240,000 tonnes of CO2 for the year.  Repair do not Replace.

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